WATCH: Flip Gordon Crushes Bully Ray w/ Weaponized American Flag After Interference From The Sandman


WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has spent most of 2018 terrorizing the entire Ring of Honor locker room. After fake-retiring, putting numerous people through tables, and attempting to murder names like Cheeseburger and Colt Cabana, his reign of horror finally came to an end at ROH Final Battle this Friday night when he faced off against Flip Gordon in a brutal “I QUIT” match.

Their rivalry extends all the way back to the summer, and fans may recall that it was Bully Ray who Flip Gordon tricked and ultimately eliminated to win the Over Budget Battle Royale at ALL IN this September.

The wild bout saw several familiar names involve themselves by the end, including former ROH owner Cary Silkin, referee Todd Sinclair, ring announcer Bobby Cruise, and even Flip’s own girlfriend, who was sitting front row center throughout the entire first half of the show.

The final scene saw Cabana and Cheseseburger come to the aid of Flip, but both stars were ultimately taken down by an invading Silas Young, who set up a table and doused it in gasoline. Before he could light the table aflame, the lights in the Hammerstein Ballroom went out, and when they came on none other than The Sandman — yes, the ECW legend — was standing in the ring, ready to make the save.

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Gordon ultimately won the match after using an American flag attached to a kendo stick (yes, seriously) and repeatedly blasting Bully with weapons, as he laid face-down in the gasoline-soaked table, until the veteran superstar finally forfeited the bout.