WATCH: Hulk Hogan Reveals He Did Not Know How His WrestleMania 3 Match Would Finish


Last night, HBO premiered the new documentary “Andre the Giant”, and HBO has been releasing movie clips and bonus scenes following last night’s premiere.

In the clip above, Hulk Hogan explains his classic match against Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3, which ended with Hogan bodyslamming Andre, then hitting the leg drop for the pin fall victory.

Hogan reveals that the match went exactly the way it had been “written down”, noting, “we started the match, and out of nowhere [Andre] throws that first punch. I block it. I throw one, I throw two, then I go under him for the slam and fall backwards, exactly like I wrote it down.”

As Hogan continued to explain the match, however, he noted that when it came to the match finish, The Hulkster did not know who would win. Hogan recalls Andre calling for the body slam and the leg drop at the end of the match, but then Hogan added “I went and hit the leg drop, thinking he was gonna kick out. But he didn’t kick out.”