WATCH: Jim Cornette Talks About His New Role with MLW


Legendary pro wrestling manager Jim Cornette recently spoke with beIN Sports about his new role with MLW. The leader of The Midnight Express will serve as a backstage agent, as well as a color commentator, for MLW and he definitely seems excited about this new opportunity.

“When MLW first called me, they said take a look at the product, see what you think and see if you can make it even more edgy and more dangerous. You know, give me a live microphone and I’m going to do that.”

Cornette first gained fame in the Mid-South territory in the early 1980’s, but he truly found his niche in the NWA and Jim Crockett Promotions. Cornette also held backstage roles in WCW, Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Cornette has always been regarded as a highly controversial figure, mostly because of his penchant for being outspoken. He will surely bring that reputation with him to MLW and he’s definitely ready to get started.

“It is great to be a part of MLW, I”m looking forward to seeing the action, I’m looking forward to working with beIN Sports and I’m looking forward to telling people exactly what’s going on as only I can.”

Jim made his MLW color commentary debut at Intimidation Games on March 2. He will also do color for Rise of the Renegades and Battle Riot II, both of which take place in April.