WATCH: Mark Henry Chooses A Modern-Day Nation Of Domination


WWE posted a short clip to promote the recent Broken Skull Sessions episode as Mark Henry picks a modern-day Nation Of Domination from the current roster.

The Nation Of Domination was a fantastic faction and was a major part of Mark Henry’s in-ring career, all while being the catalyst for The Rock’s major push.

But when it comes to picking a new version of the group, The Nation Of Domination 2.0 as Steve Austin named it, the World’s Strongest Man made some interesting decisions.

“I would have to pick The New Day, I would definitely have to put The Street Profits in there, and I would have to pick Kevin Owens.”

Austin then pushed for a further explanation on Kevin Owens being part of the group, and Mark Henry likened the decision to Owen Hart being involved.

“Like Owen, the blackheart from Canada.”

You can check out the full video below, and if the quotes are used, please H/T