Watch: Mark Henry Slams Big Show, WWE MMC Stars Mic’d Up, WWE Superstars Walk The Red Carpet


WWE has uploaded new videos to its YouTube channel, looking back at past events featuring Mark Henry as well as the most recent Mixed Match Challenge.

The first video, which you can see below features the Worlds Strongest Man and Big Show from an episode of Monday Night Raw where Henry dominates Big Show, slamming him onto the steel stairs.

WWE MMC Stars Mic’d Up

In another of the latest videos, WWE has continued its weekly trend of uploading clips from the latest Mixed Match Challenge episode with the superstar’s mic’d up for everyone to hear.

WWE Superstars Walk The Red Carpet

The final video shows highlights from the WWE Evolution PPV with several of the WWE Superstars walking the red carpet with the likes of the Bella Twins and Trish Stratus being featured.