WATCH: Marty Scurll Makes An Appearance On Being The Elite


Despite the fact he’s not under contract with AEW and hasn’t been part of The Elite for over a year now, Marty Scurll popped up on this week’s episode of Being The Elite.

The Ring Of Honor star appeared near the end of Being The Elite’s Episode 205 (Which you can see at the bottom of the article,) where he appeared in the background. The moment came when Hangman Page and The Young Bucks huddled together before the Stadium Stampede match for a pep talk as Scurll popped up behind them.

Scurll turned up saying “I’m back baby!” However, he didn’t quite get the reaction he hoped for, as all three were oblivious to him, with Nick Jackson actually thinking he was a British waitress, which saw him just leave.

Marty Scurll has appeared once before since leaving, back in April as he gave his thoughts on the match between Matt and Nick for BTE 200. Scurll signed a new deal with ROH several months ago, committing his future to the company.