WATCH: The Miz Shoots on Baron Corbin; “He’s Not Even Good Enough to be the Bathroom Break”


The Miz and Baron Corbin haven’t even been on TV at the same time yet, but their upcoming Survivor Series bout is one of the most anticipated on the card thanks to weeks of scathing, back and forth shots via social media and YouTube.

WWE caught up with the Intercontinental Champion prior to Monday Night Raw, resulting in yet another “shoot” style promo directed at Smackdown’s United States Champion. Check out the video above!

“John Cena and Baron Corbin have something in common – you can’t see them. I like to study my opponents, and I watched Smackdown Live and I couldn’t see Baron Corbin because he wasn’t on the show. That means the higher ups think so highly of Baron Corbin that they don’t even want to put him or the United States Championship on the show. He’s not even good enough to be the bathroom break, which is an embarrassment!”

“And what does he do about it? He goes on social media and says that he’s going to make me a ‘stay at home mom’. Let me tell you something, me being a stay at home mom is more interesting, more entertaining, more relevant than anything Baron Corbin has ever done in his entire career including the United States Championship. Him being United States Champion spits on the champions before him – Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, even me! I work day in, and day out to make the Intercontinental Championship the most prestigious title in all the WWE, and I am succeeded at it. But Baron Corbin at Survivor Series will be like his entire career: one big failure.”

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