MJF Challenges Jon Moxley To AEW World Title Match At ALL OUT


Maxwell Jacob Friedman has thrown his hat into the political race. No, the young trailblazer will not be joining Kanye West in the bid for U.S. President in the 2020 elections – he simply wants to fulfill his destiny by becoming AEW World Champion.

With the entire set decked out like a presidential campaign rally this Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite, MJF spoke to fans in his first ever “State of the Industry” address.

A long, rambling diatribe followed, as the Burberry scarf-clad master of the promo broke down exactly how Jon Moxley – or “Dictator Jon” – has failed us all in his so-called revolution.

MJF also claimed that Mox gets screen time and opportunity because the powers-that-be are afraid of what will happen to the ratings without him. The reality, he claims, is that on average he out-draws the champ, who is simply scared of being overshadowed week after week.

His words, not ours.

MJF closed his rant by officially announcing his candidacy for AEW World Champion, challenging Jon Moxley to a world title match on Saturday, September 5 at AEW ALL OUT.