WATCH: ‘Road to Double or Nothing’ Episode #7 – Cody Tests His Knee, Downstait In The Studio & More


This week’s episode of The Road to Double or Nothing starts out with Cody Rhodes and MJF at the 1FW promotion out of Georgia. MJF says that Cody wants to get back in the ring, although he doesn’t personally think it was a good idea. He was able to run the ropes with the bandaged knee, so it looks like he may be able to get ready in time for Double or Nothing.

The video then cuts to Dr. Britt Baker who discusses her journey to becoming a professional wrestler at the same time that she was going through the “grueling” process of dental school, and juggling essentially two full-time jobs at the same time. She talks about being the only girl to return from ALL IN, and whether or not you know who she and Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose are, you will by the end of their match at Double or Nothing.

The next scene shows the members of the band Downstait in the recording studio with guest vocalist Emily Arata, who is a stage performer and the sister of bassist Sean Arata. They are tracking vocals for Britt Baker’s new AEW theme song, which we get to hear a little teaser for.

You may know Downstait as the band who did the Zack Ryder’s “Radio”, Dolph Ziggler’s “I Am Perfection” and “Here To Show The World”, Alex Riley’s “Say It To My Face”, and The Miz’s “I Came To Play”. They also did Cody Rhodes’ current theme “Kingdom”, as well as the “All In” theme, and what ended up being the background for Seth Rollins’ current theme.

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They cut back to Cody Rhodes’ office where he receives a phone call from “JERICHO” which he sends straight to voicemail. He tells Brandi he feels “okay” but is not “ring ready”, and she gives him a badass cane with a husky on the handle. Pharaoh is excited about it. There’s also footage from Pro Wrestling Tees in Chicago, who are making CUSTOM PHARAOH PLUSHIES!

Finally, Cody listens to the voicemail from Chris Jericho who goes on a scathing rant and says “you have no idea how much of a dick I can really be.” He claims Cody isn’t his real boss, and he is the one personally responsible for getting him his job with AEW, and putting money in the pockets of everyone on the roster, and putting dog treats in Pharaoh’s mouth. You can see Cody getting more and more frustrated as the voicemail goes on, until he sits back in his chair, looks off into the distance and the episode comes to an end.