Watch: Sheamus Works Out With Mahal & McIntyre, SoCalVal Praises Paul Heyman, Zack Ryder Promotes New Shirt


WWE Superstar, Sheamus has posted a brand new video on his YouTube channel, this time working out with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.

In the video, Mahal takes them through the 500 rep ‘Hard Body Mahal Workout,’ and fans can see exactly how hard McIntyre is working to return, training with just one arm.

SoCalVal Praises Paul Heyman

SoCalVal was asked by a fan on Twitter whether this week’s WWE Raw was worth watching, which she claimed it always is, whilst providing some praise for Paul Heyman.

In her response, SoCal said that Heyman was on top form, as usual, stating that he is always worth taking notes on.

Zack Ryder Promotes New T-Shirt

WWE SmackDown Live Superstar, Zack Ryder has been promoting his brand new t-shirt on Twitter today, encouraging fans to either keep the sleeves or cut them off to show how ‘Zacked’ they are.