WATCH: The New Day Reflects On Their Time Together Following WWE SmackDown


The New Day were broken up during the WWE Draft with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods being put on Raw as Big E stays on SmackDown.

The past WWE SmackDown saw the trio have their final match together and after the show, the trio spoke with WWE’s YouTube channel. They had an in-depth interview reflecting on their time together and what the group means to them personally.

Kofi Kingston reflected on being able to be back in the ring together for the first time in a while, reflecting on how much his teammates mean to him.

“It felt good because we haven’t been in the same ring with each other for about a year. For us to go out there and be on the same page, we always talk about our chemistry and we know we have something special, but there’s still a little bit of those nerves because you don’t know if you’ll be able to pick up where you left off. We were able to do that. It meant the world to me to be in the ring with each other, I don’t want to say one last time. To be in there and to one is just a reminder of why we did this. You can still feel the energy from people and it’s something special we have. I’m so fortunate to have shared the ring with these guys for the past six years. That meant the world to me.”

Xavier Woods then got emotional when discussing the trio and their time together and how much it all meant to them.

“The win is great, obviously. We get the winner’s purse and all that stuff [laughs]. Get the champion’s paycheck. For the entire time that I’ve been a wrestler, I’ve been trying to find the people that I wanted around me in order to make this what I knew it could be for me and I didn’t find that until nine or ten years into my career. Winning and championships are great, but it’s like you’re leaving your school friends. You’re gonna see them again and things are going to be fine, but that initial departure is a lot. My whole career, I was looking for these guys. I didn’t know it was them, but once you find who it is, it’s a lot. It’s a lot.”

Finally, Big E spoke about the group and how much they mean, simply just to have gotten on to television after all three were struggling when they first got put together.

“One of the reasons it’s emotional is because what we do on-screen is like five percent of the time we spend together. I remember Woods having to leave to get married, Kofi having to leave the European tour because he was having a baby. I remember being at Woods’ old house and he had a shed. Not a normal shed, this was the dopest shed I’d ever seen, it was like a separate house and we stayed in his shed,” said E. “The amount of times we broke bread together, that we talked. As much success as we’ve had over the years, I always think back to 2014 and how desperate I was to TV and trying to find something to keep my job because I felt like I was this close to being fired and we were just three guys just trying to get booked. Not just all the in-ring accomplishments, they are incredible, but I’ll always remember the times we spent off-camera and the amount of trust I was able to put into these two in a business that is very unforgiving when you had a dog eat dog mentality. We trusted each other with everything and that means the world to me. If my career ends tomorrow, I’ll always have this and these two human beings that I’m so thankful for and that I truly love. I can’t thank them enough. It’s just a hiatus.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)