WATCH: Vince McMahon Reunites w/ Shane & Stephanie on Smackdown 1000


Tonight’s highly anticipated Smackdown 1000 special kicked off in a major way, as the entire McMahon family – sans U.S. Administrator of Small Business Administration Linda McMahon – returned to television to celebrate 1,000 episodes of the beloved WWE blue brand.

It was the “Billion Dollar Princess” Stephanie McMahon, the first Smackdown General Manager ever, who kicked off a string of returns Tuesday night, crashing the second episode of Truth TV with R-Truth and Carmella.

She was quickly followed by her older brother Shane McMahon, the current Commission of Smackdown Live. Of course, what’s a major anniversary without an appearance from the Chairman himself?

With the XFL on the horizon and the winds of change in motion, this may be one of the final times WWE fans were treated to a special appearance from Vince McMahon himself, and he did not disappoint, starting an impromptu FAMILY DANCE PARTY!