We Ranked Five More Brock Lesnar Matches We Want To See

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Brock Lesnar is a once in a lifetime athlete, it is a catchphrase that WWE loves to throw around, but it is true, there is nobody like the Beast and there likely never will be again. His star power is undeniable which is why both WWE and UFC are likely going to pull all the stops out to sign him when his current WWE deal comes to an end.  

Speculation is high right now about whether Lesnar will return for one more run in the octagon or if he will extend his WWE deal after his WWE WrestleMania 34 bout with Roman Reigns, and either one offers some exciting possibilities,  

But it feels like Lesnar has more to offer the wrestling world than he does MMA. Given his age and the controversy that surrounded his last fight, sticking to a part-time contract seems like the smartest deal for the Beast and there are many great matches waiting for him. His run as the Universal Champion has been one of his very best, with great matches against talents such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, Lesnar proved exactly how good he can be. Given WWE’s current crop of talent, there is plenty of dream matches left for Lesnar should he stick around in wrestling, and we are going to rank five of the biggest. 

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