We Rank 5 More Triple H Matches That WWE Needs To Book

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5. Triple H vs Nick Aldis

Right now, this match is unlikely to ever happen, but Triple H competing for the ten pounds of gold against Nick Aldis is something that would be incredibly entertaining should the Englishman ever be signed to WWE.

Considering his appearance at ALL IN, Aldis is probably more likely to be linked with AEW if he was to sign with a company, but with Triple H being an incredibly nostalgic wrestling fan who loves the NWA Championship, he would likely be very interested in bringing Aldis, and the title into the fold, possibly in NXT.

Aldis has even teased the idea of them wrestling for the title in the past on Twitter, noting that Triple H has a replica of his belt on his office wall, and if WWE could strike a deal, even if it was a one-off match, this could be a whole heap of fun.

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