We Ranked 10 People Who Should Replace Daniel Bryan as Smackdown Live General Manager

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Daniel Bryan has come a long way from his awkward start as General Manager of Smackdown Live. What began as a cheap way to get him back on television, mostly against his own will, has slowly transformed int one of the ultimate underdog’s most beloved roles. Bryan is famous for turning anything he embraces into pure gold, and once he started really digging into his role as GM it came alive – he’s even starting to feel comfortable on the microphone now, which isn’t necessarily something his most diehard fans would say about his in-ring career.

Now that DB is back in the talent pool and cleared to make a full-time return to the ring, it’s probably going to be necessary for him to step down as the Smackdown GM. So that being said, we’ve put together this list of ten people who could – and probably SHOULD – take over the role and bring something new to the blue brand’s table. Sound off in the comments section below with who YOU would like to see at the reigns of Tuesday nights.

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