We Ranked 5 Ways WWE Should Respond to ALL IN

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By nearly every measure imaginable, the ALL IN special event created and funded by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks was a smashing success. The crowd was red hot throughout the evening, the matches ranged from really good to spectacular to draw-dropping and the emotions displayed by both wrestlers and the crowd were particularly emphatic.

We are in a new golden age of wrestling, one defined not by WWE, but by smaller promotions and independent stars setting a standard for what makes a great professional wrestling show. WWE has played catch up to the fan sentiment, and has done a bang up job with NXT, but it’s not the leader of this era. Despite its continued financial dominance, the market share for attention is closer than ever. It feels like there are BulletClub and Ingobernables t-shirts as in WWE shirts at WWE events.

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Many fans, myself included, are anticipating some sort of response from the WWE. Either one of indifference, retaliation (someone’s gotta be mad at Jericho), feigning ignorance or best perhaps hopefully, an improved product. Here are some of the ways WWE should respond to ALL IN.

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