We Ranked Five Names WWE Should Sign For the New NXT UK Brand

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WWE got the wrestling world talking once again this week when it revealed its NXT UK brand which will become the official UK division moving forwards, with the first set of tapings to take place this Summer as WWE continues to grow and expand.

The company has a deep roster of talent after two WWE UK Championship Tournaments both of which featured different wrestlers, whilst the company also already boasts several British wrestlers within the company elsewhere such as 205 Live, with Noam Dar already appearing for the division.

Whilst there is a deep roster to choose from already, there is no doubt WWE is already looking to bring in new talent to potentially increase that, especially since the likes of Pete Dunne and Moustache Mountain may be set for bigger things in the near future. So in this list, we will take a look at five names WWE could bring in to the NXT UK division. 

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