We Ranked Five Reasons Why Bobby Lashley Should Face Brock Lesnar At WWE SummerSlam

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Reports seem to suggest Roman Reigns is set to get another crack at Brock Lesnar at this year’s SummerSlam. However, WWE teased the possibility of Bobby Lashley being inserted into the Universal title picture this past week on Raw. And a Lashley v Brock match seems like the way to go.  

Fans have grown tired of seeing Roman face Lesnar for the WWE’s top prize, and with their last match being a subpar one, it feels like now’s the time to press the pause button on this feud. With this week’s Raw giving fans hope WWE could possibly set up a Bobby Lashley v Lesnar match instead, I give you five reasons why the WWE should put “The Beast’ against the former ECW champion at SummerSlam.

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