We Ranked Five Reasons Why Daniel Cormier Should Have a WWE Run


I’m sure by now, everybody in the MMA and professional wrestling world has seen UFC 226, and if they have not, they definitely watched Brock go face to face with Daniel Cormier (DC). It was a confrontation that Vince McMahon would have been proud of, and it also highlighted just how perfect DC would be for WWE.

While Daniel Cormier accomplished a feat that has only been achieved by Conor McGregor, holding two UFC belts in two different weight classes, it was not the big takeaway from last Saturdays UFC pay-per-view. The return of Brock Lesnar, and what seemed like the big setup for his next UFC fight caught everyone’s attention.

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The current WWE Universal Champion seemed destined to return to the UFC, but no one knew when and who he would fight. We now know his opponent, and we also know “The Beast” has not forgotten how to sell a fight. Calling both Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou “pieces of s**t” certainly got fans pumped up.

But while Brock stormed into the octagon like a house of fire, Cormier did not sit back and stay silent. If anything, Saturday’s pay-per-view felt like the heavyweight champs audition for a future WWE match. After watching this confrontation, we give you five reasons why DC should have a WWE run in the near future.

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