We Ranked Five Reasons Why Fans Should Shut Up and Enjoy Roman vs Brock

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Yes, it’s happening again. Yes, we’d rather see Brock versus Lashley. No, we should not ruin the match by chanting over it and booing. While it’s gone on for quite a while, and their last outing may not have been a good one, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are two of the best performers today. So fans should enjoy two greats colliding one more time.

SummerSlam seems to be shaping up to be a pay-per-view that has a little something for everybody. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will satisfy the hardcore fans, Ronda Rousey will have the attention of the world, and there are the casual fans that are still ready to see Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar again.

At Wrestlemania 34, the fans were not overly happy with the Universal title match. For no other reason than they did not like the participants or one of the participants. We may experience a similar backlash at SummerSlam, but I give you five reasons why fans need to shut up and just enjoy the showdown between “The Big Dog” and “The Beast.”

  1. An Effective Build Up

While this may not be the main event fans asked for, the WWE has done a very good job building up to the Roman Reigns v Brock Lesnar match. They have used the story of Brock not caring about the fans and the WWE by utilizing his appearance at UFC 226, but also by him refusing to even go to the ring on Raw. He even attacked Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle in one segment, coming across as an incredibly arrogant bully who seemingly has it all.

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With the part-time Universal Champion being so disrespectful and attacking fan favorites, the live crowd even cheered for Roman Reigns. If that’s not getting fans invested, then I don’t know what is. The story has also made the company’s top star more likeable, especially when squaring off with the former UFC champion.

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