We Ranked Five Reasons Why Seth Rollins Should Drop the Intercontinental Title

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Seth Rollins has been on an absolute tear this year. For the first time since injuring his knee back in 2015, Rollins looks arguably like the best wrestler on the planet. He was rewarded for his increasing workrate and popularity with the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Keeping the IC title relevant is no small task following the wonderful reign of The Miz, but Rollins has done just that.

Despite his current hotstreak and impressive title reign, Rollins should drop the title soon. The Architect is a former WWE Champion and bonafide main eventer who needs to enter the Universal Championship picture. While the IC title is a prestigious championship held by dozens of hall-of-famers, it is still a mid-card title and Seth Rollins is several notches above that level.

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