We Ranked Our Top 10 Moments of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 – Complete With GIFs!

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Another successful NXT Takeover special is now in the books, yet again pushing back the question “how long can this brand possibly go without having something even remotely resembling a bad show?” – at least for another three months.

We saw two championships change hands, a new side of the Pirate Princess, lifelong dreams realized, the debut of a true Bro, and the greatest rivalry in WWE take on a whole new life; all in one concise, easy-to-digest, two-and-a-half hour show.

On the next few pages, we’ve collected our Top 10 favorite moments from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 complete with high quality GIFs for each moment. We know people like to use these things on social media, so as best as we could, we made sure as many of our GIFs as possible will fit the maximum upload size for Twitter. Agree? Disagree? Great! Sound off in the comments section below.

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