We Ranked Five WWE Superstar Returns That Would Shake Things Up


We are nearly to the halfway point of the “WWE Season”, and Summerslam is within our sights. The 2nd biggest show of the year, it is one that really sets the pace towards the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. WWE Superstars work their butt off day in and day out to set the pace for their “Superbowl”, next year taking place in NY/NJ.

Now, some would say that the programming on WWE Televison is a bit stale currently, with the same people on television each and every week and the WWE Universal Champion looking to be appearing any time soon. There are some shining spots though, such as Rollins’ program with Ziggler/McIntyre, and Rusev getting an opportunity that are fresh ideas that are actually interesting to see where they go.

Fans are always up for fresh ideas, and having WWE Superstars return and create an impact is a sure fire way to stir things up. A return usually creates interesting television, hype, and can be even better when coupled with an unexpected turn.

With that in mind, we ranked the Top 5 returns that would shake up the current state of WWE programming.

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