ANNOUNCEMENT: The PW Forums Have Returned; Sign Up & Join the Discussion Now! (UPDATED)


UPDATE [10:49AM EST]: We have fixed an issue that was preventing new users from getting confirmation emails that contained their username and password information. If you attempted to sign up before but never received an email, please attempt to login again or create a new account. 

They’re back!

When we remodeled the website last year one of the unfortunate things we had to do was disable the forums. The new theme we used did not support the old forum framework and, although we tried our best to salvage things, we had to create a brand new area from the ground up.

We are aware that there are many long-time PW readers that were using the old forums for many years, and we apologize for how frustrating this transition must be. If there are any long-time users or former moderators that are interested in helping us create the new community in a way that works for all parties involved, please email me at

How to register for the PW forums:

Step 1: Follow this link…

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Step 2: Click “Register”

Step 3: Create your username and enter the necessary information

Step 4: Check email for confirmation (CHECK SPAM FOLDER)

Step 5: Login using the password in your email confirmation