Wendy’s Weighs-In On Jericho vs Omega, Update on ROH Final Battle Ticket Sales, Brandi Rhodes Match (Video)


Fast food chain “Wendy’s”, whose Twitter account often posts wrestling related comments, posted the following when asked who will win the upcoming Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega match at Wrestle Kingdom 12:

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Update on ROH Final Battle Ticket Sales

Cody Rhodes has Tweeted the following, noting this year’s ROH Final Battle PPV is officially sold out:

Brandi Rhodes Match Video

The following is the latest “Women of Honor” match featuring Brandi Rhodes vs Rain:

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  • Justa Nother Guy

    Maybe with the plug, we can get an episode of Being the Elite where the Bullet Club visit Wendy’s HQ. Especially after the past few episodes being filmed partly in Cracker Barrels, Highspots HQ, and TGI Fridays’ HQ and test kitchens. The guys like food and being a fat dude, chef and wrestling fan being in more restaurant HQs is an added benefit to these past few episodes.

    • Lee Walker

      I dont know who runs Wendy’s social media but they are wrestling fans. I’ve seen them tweet al ot about wrestling and have many wrestlers following that account. I’m a Wendy’s guy and I think they should have an Elite Burger and the wrapper be The Elite symbol

  • Vince McMagma

    Burger King ……. is still the King.