Wes Brisco Feels The Aces & 8s Storyline Could Have Continued

Former TNA Wrestler Wes Brisco recently spoke with Rodolfo Roman. Here are some highlights:

On the Aces & 8?s storyline being cut short: It could have gone a lot longer. There could have been a lot more storylines with it. It’s new management but what can you do.

On what he is doing now since parting ways with TNA: Right now just training. Hopefully there might be some opportunities in Japan and a couple of other options but right now I’m just training my butt off.

You can check out the full interview embedded in the video below:

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  • Fast Eddie

    I am going to be honest. Aces & Eights was awesome. I was waiting for them to turn face and be huge. Even when it was just Knux, Wes and Bisch. I was kind of expecting them to be big. Who ever killed the idea is a jealous, stubborn, bad faithed, negative, bad vibed, wanna be, good for nothing meanie. P.S. Samuel Shaw is a creepy bastard.

    • ALLAN

      why did u expect them to be huge, bully ray was the only good thing in that group. it was an awful faction

  • Patrick Kearns

    Give the Sam Shaw comments a rest. They are stupid and lame.

    • Fast Eddie

      Why do you hate Samuel Shaw. Did he beat you on Gut Check?