What Happened After Battleground, Negative Reactions, Cesaro’s Swing


– WWE posted this video of Antonio Cesaro hitting the Cesaro Swing on The Great Khali at Battleground last night:

Cesaro commented after the match:

“Super sized #CesaroSwing for the win @wwe #WWEBattleground #throwback #WeThePeople”

– After WWE Battleground went off the air, referees checked on Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton until they both got up. Bryan hit a flying knee on Orton to end it.

There were lots of “refund” and “bullshit” chants inside the arena and then as fans made their way out of the arena. Fans in attendance noted that it was a very gloomy exit from the arena and that nobody was buying merchandise or being excited.

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  1. I can see why they ended the match as they did, because of either Orton or Bryan won match, the hype for Hell in the Cell in 2 weeks would not be that exciting, but now with The Big Show added to the mix and a potential Triple Threat Hell in the Cell Match should be exciting, granted they may put the belt around The Big Show’s waist, for Big Show has not forgotten Daniel Bryan cashing in Money in the Bank on him, after he beat Mark Henry for World Heavyweight title. Revenge would be sweet.

      • agreed I thought WM29 was good people just didn’t like it because they wanted there wrestlers to win because they think they are the writers now. I thought wow I thought I was going to see Big Show during the Rhodes match and Big show was going to crack Cody and I was surprised.

  2. jesus Christ pretty bad when that swing got more reaction then the whole show yes I also wasted 44.99 on the ppv would love to get a refund

        • You have to be everyone’s spell check who the hell do you think you are! So what if some one did not spell something correct they are dictionary. Most of us know what us know what the other person is saying! So what are you better than these people. If you want to go talk about spelling go to the New Yorker this is the Damn wrestling chat and message and your message is dumb as hell.

          • hell yea got the same massage yesterday dont care i know i cant spell but know wrestling oh try installing word perfect but doesnt go throw here

          • I wont care what they say I would just tell them to shut up they are just dumb ass people who don’t got anything better to do. They probably think that Hulk Hogan is still in the WWE. And that ADR is a soft drink.

          • the other day got this asshole ethonal total asshole it seems he had something stock in his ass total insults sorry francis this jerk piss me off havent seen him post nothing an out of the blues he starts insults know wat u mean

          • Just too bad you dumbasses are too ignorant to post cohesive, intelligent well stated remarks. Carry on Rich and Rene.

          • I am Ignorant Paul I didn’t know you cared. Your the one who post and let me Quote from the Great and almighty Paul Flair ” Can’t any of you spell?” What in the hell does that have to do with wrestling. Join a spelling third grade spelling bee. Even Damien Sandow would say your nuts calm down breath in breath out. Your welcome.

          • That’s the Point as long as I understand it and its about wrestling. if I don’t get it the question about wrestling then don’t answer. How is that celebrating ignorance oh by telling every time oh you spelled something wrong. Oops it would be great if you could just change that letter for this even though we know its what you meant but no we have to be little b****es about it.

  3. The Punk / Rybak ending was cute, and it was ok, the good guy did a Flair ending, rofl. But, for the second PPV, the greatest title in all the land was held up…. wow. Not smart on HHH part. Your screwing up your rehash of the Dusty vs the Horsemen to get Flair’s title angle big time. That is, afterall, WHAT you are doing.

  4. Once again WWE pisses off their fans with a main event screwjob ending. They need to leave the DQ, run ins, and other BS for raw and Smackdown. People get the ppv’s for great matches that ‘should” have a clear cut finish. Doesn’t mean the loser of the match is now out of the picture. You can always do a rematch, or have the loser win a big match the following night. It really shows a complete lack of originality and of faith in the core audience.


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