What Happened After Monday’s Raw

After Monday’s Raw went off the air, Orton was on his way to continue to beat down Daniel Bryan, however CM Punk came out to make the save. Ryback and Curtis Axel then came out to beat down Punk, until The Usos and Dolph Ziggler came out to Punk’s aid.

Punk the managed to connect with a GTS on Axel and the faces forced the heels to retreat to the back. The faces then helped out Daniel Bryan.

Afterwards, Punk and Ziggler slapping hands with the fans before heading to the back.

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  • Travelers2013

    Well..that seals it…

    WWE writers usually have the guy that was beat down on RAW win the WWE championship at the PPV.

    So…future congrats to Daniel Bryan for going to win the WWE title again.

    • Rene Ramirez

      Bryan have work hard to be champion he does deserve it Its a wonder why WWE even gave him the chance but he is the best pure wrestler they got it be perfect to see him against Austin Aries or AJ Style

    • Rich Francis

      He wont win it this PPV. He will be winning it at Survivor Series if not the Rumble. Bryan got a lot of years to be in the WWE but how many years do some of these other wrestlers have left. The biggest shock will be RTruth taking the IC title.

      • Rene Ramirez

        Truth taking the title real damn good maybe his last

        • Rich Francis

          No I think that he could have a short reign at WHC title reign maybe win elimination chamber just to lose it that night or the next night.