What Happened After Monday’s Raw, Title Match for SmackDown

– WWE announced that Kofi Kingston will get his United States Title rematch on this Friday’s SmackDown against Dean Ambrose.

– After Monday’s episode of Raw went off the air, trainers continued to check up on Triple H. Triple H was asked if he remembered anything from the match, and he said his entrance. The trainers asked him if he knew what day it was, and he didn’t reply. They then proceeded to pick Triple H up and escort him to the backstage area.

Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel left the ring once trainers started checking on HHH.

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  • allan mccann

    Is this fake?

    • Ernie Marin

      yeah, they need to stretch it as much as possible until they can use Lesnar again, possibly by SummerSlam or Money In The Bank.

  • Murlin Richard

    Witch Is Kinda Stupid Cause I Wanna See Brock Lesnar Fight Sumone Else Instead Of Triple H, Don’t Really Care For The Storyline Right Now, But You Gotta Admit Folks…Wasn’t Raw GREAT Without Cena??, That’s Why We’ll Go Back To Our DVR’s, And Youtubes, And Look Back On Last Night Episode, No Dumb Ass Music, All The Matches Last Night We’re A-1, Top Notch, Great All Around Show

  • It seems scripted to get some time-off for Triple H. It will help Curtis Axel though. Paul Heyman will refer it as his guys’ success.