What Happened After Monday’s Raw Went Off The Air?


After Monday’s Raw went off the air, CM Punk came out and asked everyone how they were doing. He then went on to mention that he wasn’t feeling well but he’s ready to issue out a Chicago beatdown.

Paul Heyman, Ryback, and Curtis Axel all came out and surrounded the ring. Jerry Lawler handed Punk a kendo stick to beat down Axel and Ryback. Punk then held Heyman down with his foot in the ring and struck him in the back with the kendo stick before Axel and Ryback came back into the ring.

Ryback then threw Axel into Punk in the corner, but he missed and Axel went flying to the outside the ring. Punk grabbed a chair and hit Ryback as Ryback fled. He then hit Axel with the chair, played to the GTS, and hit it and counted himself pinning Axel to close the show.

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