What Happened After the SummerSlam PPV Went Off the Air


According to our correspondents, after the SummerSlam pay-per-view event went off the air, a dejected Daniel Bryan sat at the top of the ramp while the crowd chanted “No! No! No!” and “bullsh-t!”

Posted below is a photo that one of our readers sent in of Bryan after the event went off the air.

Daniel Bryan After the SummerSlam PPV

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  1. NO! NO! NO! My thoughts exactly. A great match that was all for nothing. From one poster boy to the other. These writers suck ass. I could totally see the main even at wrestlemaina being brock lesner vs HHH number 3. Which no one cares about.

    • What are you crazy it would be Undertaker vs Kane or Cena and the match before it would Punk vs Bryan for the WWE TITLE. They will have Ryback back by then to good or nuts vs Brock. Do you think that wasn’t going to happen. It was a great match that Bryan and Cena had I would say a top 5 match in summerslam history. But than comes what all the people who lick Bryan Ass didn’t see or they did because there was 1000 ways to end it. Did little Bryan get his fans to chant NO NO NO because he got double crossed by HHH. Why wouldn’t you see that happen? He did that to Shawn Michaels, He has done it to Orton, Plus Orton is more of a champ that propbably Vince and HHH agreed to stop arguing about he is a true champ a good heel.

  2. shut up it was good summerslam the first couple matches were boring the kane match was horrible should have win then get his ass beat so he could film see no evil 2 punk vs brock was awesome and HHH isnt gonna fight brock there both heels they are going to bring in someone to kick HHH ass at wrestlemainia it might be goldberg he might return


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