What Kind of “Guy” Is HHH?, Titus Says He Will Be WWE Champ, More


– Hulk Hogan turns 60 years old today.

– Triple H was asked on Twitter if he’s a Vince McMahon Guy, a Ric Flair Guy or a Killer Kowalski Guy. He replied:

“I’m a Triple H guy”

– Gerald Brisco will be scouting talent for WWE at the next !BANG! TV taping in Ocala, Florida on August 23rd.

– Titus O’Neil says he will become WWE Champion one day. He tweeted:

“”Intelligence is the Application of Knowledge”- @VinceMcMahon”

“I Will be @WWE Champion 1Day #ImNotWishing #Goals”

Titus WWE Title

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    • I’ve never been a Triple H fan, either. He married his way into the company. As Bret said recently… Triple H is good, but he’s never done anything great. I couldn’t agree with him more. His ego isn’t as big as Hogan’s though.

    • there nothing wrong with having a big ego everyone should as long as it doesnt cloud the right decision and triple h does whats best for wwe not him, you really think he would want a skinny tattood guy like punk as a top star or bryan or all the other great indy guys hes brought in not to mention the devopemental system is better then ever and its all triple h, this isnt 2003 anymore hhh is doing a great job as the semi boss lol

  1. I like HHH, and I like Titus O’Neal’s confidence as well. HHH absorbed knowledge like a sponge, made all the right moves, and is where he’s at now as a result. As for Titus, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting to be the best at what you do. And there’s nothing wrong with being confident either. You have to be if your gonna be the best.

    • exatley hhh is actually one the guy who would want as the new boss, hes always known what people like and knows talent when hes sees it and doing let it cloud his moves, he knows wrestling so well

  2. Sadly I doubt Titus will ever become WWE champion as long as Vince is in power. I feel like Vince doesn’t want a black WWE champion due to his racism. in b4 “OH BUT THE ROCK IS BLACK AND WON THE TITLE” but the Rock is also half Samoan and looks more Samoan than black 😛

  3. i like titus but hes not wwe title material, i mean hes got a cool look and hes got so much better on the mic and in the ring but hes still got a long ways to go but hey look where bradshaw was before he was wwe champ all it takes is the right gimmic. either way the PTP should have had a run already..


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