When Is AJ Lee Expected To Return?, Undertaker/WWE Update

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— AJ Lee is scheduled to return to action in four to six weeks. As we noted, she was with CM Punk at the Chicago Blackhawks vs. St Louis Blues Stanley Cup playoff game this past weekend.

— As noted earlier here on the website, it wasn’t the Undertaker’s decision to end his undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX this year. However, if he truly didn’t want to end the streak, he could have fought the decision and stopped it. It was Vince McMahon who made the call to have Brock Lesnar win.

The original plan was for Undertaker to get the win. A few days before the show, McMahon changed his mind, likely having seen the Undertaker’s physical condition and thinking that it could be his last match. Vince decided that if the streak was going to end, it was now or never. There are mixed reports on Taker’s reaction to the decision, one source claims he had to be talked into the decision while another said he didn’t argue at all.

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  • Joshua Stephen Becker

    and this is why Vince shouldn’t be in charge of creative anymore… ever.

  • Murshizi Best

    no matter it’s vince or not, the undertaker is the best and he will be the real mr.wrestlemania .