When WWE Might Do the Rock vs. Brock Angle, More Talk on Rock’s Future

– Regarding The Rock’s future with WWE, Vince McMahon was asked if he’s finished as a wrestler at the annual stockholders meeting on April 26th and blew it off like there was no way that’s the case.

People close to Vince note that he believes Rock vs. Brock Lesnar will still happen at WrestleMania XXX.

As noted before, WWE wants The Rock to appear at Hell In a Cell this October from his hometown of Miami. That may be where they decide to do the angle between Rock and Brock.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Carroll Ware

    what is this Rock vs Brock 10 been there done that.

    • Mr. Baker

      I believed they only faced each other 1 time…SummerSlam in ’02…unless they did house shows…now if it was Brock vs HHH then I would agree…I don’t even want him to face Taker again..BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!!