Which Comments Caused Dolph Ziggler to Lose His Push Last Year?


– You may remember a few month back it was reported Dolph Ziggler lost his push because of something he said in an interview around the time of SummerSlam. No other details were available but we now know that it was Ziggler’s comments about Randy Orton that got him in hot water with WWE officials. Here’s what Ziggler said to MLive.com on September 4th:

“I’ve made it clear; I’m not patient at all – several times. I’ve been very vocal about my position on the card and in the company. I’m not trying to say ‘Hey, everybody sucks and I’m great!’ But I love doing this, and at some point you go ‘OK, It’s not my time right now and I got to figure something out’ And when it’s time, that’s when I must go out there and make as huge of an impact as I can and let everyone know ‘I dare you to follow that, I dare you try something better.’ And when they don’t (counter or match what I’m doing in the ring) I’m very outspoken about it and it can get me into very hot water (with the company). Then you never know where we’re going. Everybody can be just so outspoken about taller guys, and guys like Randy Orton being the face of the WWE, the WWE Championship. I dare you to put me in a back alley with Randy Orton or someone like that. I guarantee I’m not afraid of someone taller.”

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Source: F4Wonline.com

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  1. that’s retarded – I seriously doubt those comments got him in trouble lol I’d say the concussion derailed his push not this statement .

    • wtf you talking bout its the wwe ,unless your orton or cena you can get pushed down for the most stupid s***. remember mark henry he lost the title to show and lost his push cause he was having ahard time working with a torn crotch and mr mcmahon thought he was just b****es…even though he went under the knife a montu later… just a small example ,all you got to do is piss off anyone with even i little power, im still waiting to see who batista gets fired this time around.

      • As usual Allan, your very poor spelling and grammar defeat the purpose of your reply. You act like you know everything from a talent’s perspective as if you were a WWE talent yourself. You’re clearly not, never was, and never will be. Your inability to come across as any sort of articulate continues to hinder your already poor reputation.

          • In the immortal words of Suicidal Tendencies: “Just ’cause you don’t understand what’s going on don’t mean it don’t make no sense.”

            Yeah, his grammar is horrible, but you aren’t the grammar police. His comments are as valid as yours, and I do read both. Neither of you are pure idiots, but one is an asshole. Care to guess which one is the asshole? Drop it, son.

          • I am the grammar police, because too many people show their true colors as being unable to correctly use the English language, and it infuriates me. As far as not understanding what’s going on, I do, but only to a point. That point comes when I can’t makes out the poorly explained/identified purpose of a given post. At that point, the subject matter becomes defeated by someone with poor use of English. That’s not my fault, so I feel it is my duty (as an asshole or otherwise) to point out the situation, and hold that person accountable. You’re welcome.

          • Understood. You can’t understand it, so it doesn’t make sense. Sounds logical to me, kid.

    • No YOU are retarded, once again. If WWE was going to push him because they were serious about pushing him, the concussion wouldn’t have mattered.

  2. dolph bryan punk cesaro ambrose n orton. make that the chamber 3 small guys all that been champ 1 that’s underraited n 1 the best workers they got 1 that us champ n the man that been world champ 2 many damn times. o well still better than cena.

    • S***, your reply is as f***ed up as Allan’s. At least LOOK at the text as you type it – I can’t figure out what the f*** you’re saying!


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