We Ranked Five Superstars That Will Benefit Most From The WWE Superstar Shake-Up

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WrestleMania season is firmly in the rearview mirror and with the Superstar Shake-Up now finalized a brand new ‘WWE year’ has begun. With both brands being freshened up by new faces whether from the opposite brand or NXT there are plenty of new storylines and matches for fans to get their teeth into.

The return of the WWE draft certainly benefitted everybody, with talent being exposed less by working on just one show a week, storylines being more detailed and lower tier talent getting more TV time it has helped the product immensley.

Last year the Shake-Up made a huge impact on certain careers, most notably Jinder Mahal’s who went from Monday Night Raw jobber to WWE Champion, having the best year of his career and there is no doubt that this years Shake-Up will help someone else, so let’s take a look at 5 Superstars who will benefit the most.

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