Who Gamblers Are Betting On For WWE Payback

Gambling lines for tomorrow night’s WWE Payback pay-per-view event have skyrocketed in recent days, with Alberto Del Rio being favored 17 to 1 to defeat Dolph Ziggler in the World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Betting odds are also in favor of Curtis Axel claiming the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Wade Barrett in a three-way affair also including The Miz, as well as AJ Lee defeating Kaitlyn for the WWE Divas Championship.

In the Three Stages of Hell Match, Ryback is favored to win the Lumberjack Match, with John Cena taking the Tables Match and subsequent Ambulance Match to retain the WWE Championship.

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  • Travelers2013

    I find that a little fascinating that you have people betting on a scripted event.

    My guess is these “gambling lines” that this story refers to are not Vegas betting. Vegas as far as I know does not engage in outcomes that are already scripted.

  • Ryan Nelson

    You can bet on matches in vegas .. My friend does it all the time

    • Lakisha Thompson

      Hey where does he do it I would love to bet on these events

    • Travelers2013

      Honestly though…it can’t be serious betting. How do you know that WWE gets wind of how betting lines are going and makes a decision to re-write the outcome of the matches?

      I don’t see how a serious better would bet on pro wrestling matches when the outcome has already been decided.

      • Timothy Graham

        I’m sure it’s only for small stakes and scriped or not, it would be similar to someone involved in football using inside knowledge to profit.