Who Is Against WWE Signing Richards & Edwards and Why


– There has been no deal offered to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards but signing them is an ongoing discussion within WWE. People within the company are pushing for them to be signed or at least be given a more in-depth look in NXT.

Other people, mainly Triple H, is against signing them because he and others feel that WWE has signed enough indy style guys. The feeling is that they have met their quota when it comes to that kind of wrestler so they need to start looking for more larger than life characters so WWE doesn’t end up with such a one-dimensional roster.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. They already HAVE a one dimensional roster, Cena and everyone who loses to him….and that’s a BORING dimension.

    • I kinda have to agree with you on that — it seems like the measuring stick resides as Cena, and yeah, when people lose to Cena, even if they put on a good match (Sandow), to the WWE fan base, a loss means a loss of a push. I think Triple H is trying to give off this notion that a great match put on by an up-and-coming talent (even with a loss) somehow equates to a push to the top. Not all the WWE Universe is all that intelligent…

  2. What the f*** ! You cant have to many Indy guys ,those are the real stars wwe is upsest with making there own stars so they can be in control and take all the credit.

  3. Also by saying they don’t want to hire Indy guys there saying they don’t want anyone with experience to work in the biggest wrestling company in the world !!

  4. This One dimensional thinking is why ppl chant dumbs*** during matches …the old model of bigger = better is slowly rearing its ugly head again…so much $$$ is in the independents ,yet wwe thumbs their nose at them…smh Its a damn shame TNA sucks so bad financially…

  5. It’s understandable that he doesn’t want too many people who work the same style, but not all Indy guys are the same. They all have different styles. I see the Independents of today as the Territories of yesteryear. These guys are going around from one place to another, training and honing their craft, just like wrestlers did before WWE rose up and put a monopoly on the business.


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