Why Christian Hasn’t Returned, Update on WWE Signing Indy Stars, More


– Independent wrestling stars who are said to be in the process of doing medical tests for WWE include Mike Bennett, Samurai del Sol, Shaun Ricker and Sami Callihan.

– We noted that Damien Sandow and John Cena did a talk show segment called “The Damien Sandow Show” after the recent WWE NXT TV tapings. This may have been a tryout for a new SmackDown segment.

– Christian has been cleared to return to action but is waiting on WWE creative to come up with a storyline that will bring him back. Sin Cara returns next week and Christian should be back shortly after. No date set yet for Evan Bourne’s return but he worked one match in developmental and wasn’t ready yet.

Big News on a ROH Champion Coming to WWE, Cena Working Close with New WWE Star, More Scoops…

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Its horrible. They go from jobbers to maineventers back to jobbers none stop. No one is legit anymore. They push guys like crazy off any little success they have not looking at long term at all. Its all politics

  1. for a brief moment I returned to watching wrestling again….after Attitude era it went downhill (as expected) but it has yet to even try to pick back up and I think this is due to the lack of competition, WWE going public, and the whole PG era.. I haven’t watched it in over a year…mainly due to the championships not meaning a thing….without a goal, they are just grown men rolling around in bikini bottoms

  2. I just fast forward through WWE anymore. I am getting older, the direction of the company is different, and I now have a lack of interest in the product. I can throw in a DVD from 10 years ago, or old VCR tape, and still enjoy those. It’s just the current crop is pretty devoid of talent IMO, and the writers aren’t helping things much either. I get a kick out of the old AWA shows on ESPN, and also watch ROH, and TNA sometimes. Times have just changed. I do get a kick out of the collections WWE releases for the older wrestlers, and match compilations though.

  3. OK christian can’t get on TV but khali can … If Orton got hurt and came back he’d be on the show. This is an insult to captain charisma


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