Why Chuck Liddell Is Still A Valuable Asset In 2018

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Before the UFC was a global phenomenon, they had a rising star by the name of Chuck Liddell. Liddell ultimately became the UFC’s first mega-star when they finally reached a mainstream audience. He is now looking to make a return to the cage, and believe it or not, “The Iceman” can still be a valuable star even in 2018.

Last week, Chuck Liddell announced his intention to return to MMA and take on longtime rival Tito Ortiz at the end of this year. Despite many begging him not to return, he believes that at the age of forty-eight, he has one more run left in him.

Realistically, this run will not be very long. A fighter who is nearing fifty and has not competed in eight years probably doesn’t have a lot left in the tank. And clearly, the idea of him fighting Jon Jones is more mental motivation than an actual goal (thank god!).

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However, when Chuck does fight again, he is still going to be very valuable for the promotion that signs him. People still care about him, and that has been proven by the reaction to him returning to MMA.

Even his potential opponent, Tito Ortiz has still proven to be a huge draw as his last fight in Bellator drew nearly two million viewers. Also, nostalgia has proven to be a very powerful tool in the world of MMA.

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