Why Did Tessa Blanchard Lose At Slammiversary?


According to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Tessa Blanchard lost to Sami Callihan at Sunday’s Slammiversary event because IMPACT Wrestling didn’t want fans to feel that Tessa Blanchard was being shoved down fans’ throats, citing the reactions for Roman Reigns in WWE.

IMPACT is reportedly very high on Tessa Blanchard, and see serious star potential in her. The match was intended to showcase her, however the plan was for Callihan to win from the beginning. Dave Meltzer cited Daniel Bryan as someone that has gotten over with that kind of “backwards booking.”

For those unfamiliar, Callihan pinned Blanchard with two piledrivers to get the win, but after the match the notorious heel handed Blanchard her baseball bat in seemingly a show of respect.