Why Edge Is Returning to RAW, WWE Star Suffers Broken Nose, More

– Edge tweeted about his return to RAW on next week’s show:

“Comin back home to #Raw and Toronto next Monday. Raw gets Rated R. That’s good for business. See ya next week Edgeheads, bring your earplugs”

PWInsider reports that Edge will be promoting the new season of Haven on SyFy and is not signed to do anything additional for WWE at this time.

– Fandango suffered a legitimate broken nose during his match against The Miz on tonight’s RAW.

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  • Guest

    I know the whole ‘;Good For Business” storyline is just that, but it sucks and is a waste. All to have Bryan beat Orton and then HHH fighting Vince at Main, dunno about you guys but I don’t wanna see an old man slop around the ring.

  • Christopher Pitts

    This has no tie to mania. Its set to lead up to Survivor Series. It will be multiple Elimination matches for control over Raw and Smackdown. Team McMahon vs Team Bring it. The Rock should be back sooner or later to help D Bryan. Dont forget Rock still has a return match for the title. SS sets the stage for that at the Royal Rumble. Just in time for Cena to return and get his title rematch. Cena Rock 3 a WM. Dont put it past them. Oh and for Smackdown team Teddy vs Team Vickie.

    • Trey

      You should stop watching wrestling, or doing drugs…either way, just stop doing both. I’m begging you

    • GUEST 01

      Forget The Rock, he won’t be back till the filming of Fast and Furious 7 is done, which isn’t any time soon. HBK should return as he always does whenever HHH is involved in a big storyline and Bryan mentioned DX meaning a possible return for Road Dogg and Billy Gun, so at SS it’s a possible Bryan, Road Dogg, Billy Gun, Cena and HBK vs HHH, Orton and Shield. HBK can wrestle if he wishes, Undertaker is older than him and still manages to wrestle for over 40mins every WM now, so ruling out HBK is no option.

  • waqas

    never leave your home edge return in raw