Why Fans Should Be Optimistic About AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon

Okay so this isn’t exactly a Wrestlemania dream match. At the conclusion of WWE Smackdown Live! on Tuesday night, AJ Styles was defeated by Randy Orton. Subsequently Orton shall now head to Wrestlemania 33 to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship, ultimately meaning  Styles has missed out on regaining his champion.

After Smackdown went off the air, tensions between AJ Styles and Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon appeared to be at boiling point. As Styles pulled back the curtain in Gorilla position he vented towards McMahon and the two were caught in a heated confrontation. All this points towards the two squaring off at Wrestlemania 33.

Here Is Why Fans Should Be Optimistic About AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon At Wrestlemania:

The Feud Has Potential

It had been rumored since AJ Styles lost the WWE Championship that he would enter a program with Shane McMahon. Now considering the somewhat stronger options, some fans do not believe that this is a good use of Styles at Wrestlemania 33. On one hand they are right; AJ Styles should most definitely be at the top of the ‘Mania card, no doubt. However realistically who else could he face?

While rumors of a match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura sprung to life, it would appear as if management aren’t heading in that direction. Therefore with this in mind WWE needed to ensure Styles is compensated, thus a feud with Shane McMahon has had its seeds planted. The feud itself still possesses potential despite all doubts.

Furthermore in the forthcoming weeks heading into Wrestlemania, the feud can potentially intensify and make things all the more interesting. This is because a real sense of heat and animosity can be created, adding fuel to the fire. Shane McMahon is great at cutting promos as is AJ Styles thus we have the potential for a personal feud to spill over and possibly have varying implications for the future, especially in the aftermath of Wrestlemania.

The Match Possesses Potential

Straight off the bat, I can hear fans saying “No” and I am sure there are a variety of reasons. Namely the fact that Shane McMahon is not a wrestler and that he should not even be on the card, with all due respect. In addition to this no one wants to see Shane get hurt, as he did in his last in-ring match at WWE Survivor Series. But think of the literal high-risks and spots.

Contrary to the criticism WWE get for booking Shane McMahon in matches, he is a great worker. McMahon’s energy levels are truly significant for one who isn’t not accustomed to working as an active wrestler on the road. Also who can forget about AJ Styles’ energy levels? Since his arrival in WWE Styles has proven he can still go and perform at the very top level. Therefor put the two together and we have a potential “slobber-knocker” as Jim Ross would say.

This bout certainly won’t be technical but it has the solid potential to be somewhat memorable in an unorthodox way. Two completely contrasting abilities and styles clashing for the first-time, it may a bout that fans shall regret doubting initially. So I am going to keep an open mind, hopefully most fans do.

Potential For An Added Stipulation

At this point something has got to give. I personally cannot see AJ Styles VS Shane McMahon being contested in a Singles Match, it would not be in the spirit of Wrestlemania. Thus I believe that there shall be an added stipulation thrown into the match; either the match stipulation itself or an incentive for both.

Shane McMahon does not exactly do Singles Matches or to be blunt, normal matches. Whenever Shane is involved you can guarantee a huge spot, usually crazy. So I believe that WWE are going to and should throw caution to the wind and put the under a stipulation. This is because it would make the prospect of the match much more attractive, thus fans shall be more likely to relish the bout.

There is now less than four weeks till Wrestlemania 33 and business is about to pick up. Who knows where the Styles and McMahon feud is about to take us……..