Why Hogan Is Reportedly Staying with TNA – WWE Offers Him Lower Money


– F4Wonline.com reports that Hulk Hogan will be staying with TNA. TNA apparently offered Hogan more money than WWE did.

It’s said that what WWE offered Hogan was nowhere close to what they’ve offered other stars in previous years. What Hogan will make in 1 year with TNA is about what The Rock and Brock Lesnar are making for 1 match with WWE.

Why WWE Really Turned Hogan Down, New Match Plans for WrestleMania XXX, New Kelly Kelly Exposed, More

Source: F4Wonline.com

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    • The same thing that happened to the talent. Everything nowadays is a gimmick. People don’t understand tradition. People compare today’s people with yesterday’s and you really can’t. I remember my ma telling me about Elizabeth Taylor visiting the vets at the VA hospital. A staff member was trying to shoo them away but she said it was okay. She touched the hands of those vets like they were old and dear friends and now you have people giving middle fingers to people because they dare approach them. Class is key and without it your at a locked door.

        • No I didn’t and that just goes to show you don’t read. Calling someone a has been because they get old is childish and unproductive. I’ll sum it up quickly so you don’t have to read much: He’s makes money and if you could do what he does at this minute you would be there making that money.

          • Okay let me explain how you went off-topic, seeing you’re the one who not only can’t read, but also have some sort of ADD or something… the topic here is about Hogan being a money-hungry thug. You went on in your post to talk about Elizabeth Taylor visiting VA vets. This isn’t really a board for analogies… Next time you try to post something intelligent, start with the basics… that means, simply: STAY ON TOPIC.

          • I was making a comparison. I was trying to show the difference between Elizabeth Taylor and today’s actors. Hogan being a money hungry thug was your opinion not the topic.It was only broad if you can’t read. I was comparing the two. Elizabeth and Hulk are old school famous while the people you are use to are not. There are plenty of other opinions on here why try to bully me? You don’t like my opinion move on and let someone else who agrees or disagrees with me respond. I’m not afraid of opinions and I’ll be glad to respond to intelligent dialogue.

          • Basic English 101 dictates that this entire thread is SUPPOSED to be about Hulk Hogan. He is what’s known as the SUBJECT of this post, not Elizabeth Taylor. So for you to say anything else is absurd. You are the fool here; I am the intellect. You should be proud that someone of my stature is even replying to you.

  1. How disrespectful to Hulk Hogan. Hogan built WWF. How can they offer him less money. Hogan can still draw big in WWE. He can main event. He can headline, and he can draw big numbers. WWE is just jealous and too full of themselves.

    • Hilarious, he’s done nothing for TNA ratings.. what makes you think anybody would tune in for him on WWE now?

      • Vince McMahon knows how to market Hogan. The WWE universe would go nuts for Hogan, just like they have everytime he comes back. In TNA he is not that much of an IMPACT

        • I’m sure WWE fans would go nuts for Hogan for one last run with the company, but is one final leg drop really worth the money Hogan allegedly wants?

          • Listen here, allan. I did not insult you nor did I call you names. PLease treat others with respect. We are all here to be part of the greatest prowrestling website OUT THERE.. PROWRESTLING.COM

          • Eddie, no need wasting caps lock keystrokes on a bonafide imbecile like Allan. Just thumb down all his posts; maybe that’ll shut him up.

        • Hulk Hogan is now a novelty as he is unable to work. In his prime he was not the physical talent of the Rock or Lesnar. Hogan could talk, and he could pump up a crowd.. but seriously Flair still out wrestles Hogan at his age. I personally wish he’d stay out of spotlights, go home and be quiet as he just besmirches his own legacy acting like he’s cool, when the coolness left 20 years ago.

    • Rock and Brock are offered more because they can actually still wrestle at a level similar to where they were in their prime. With all of Hogan’s injuries, he can do one nostalgia match and that’s it. Any contract offered is about potential return on investment.The best he could hope to do is be a manager on camera, but whoever they pick to be his protoge would be saddled with a “Next Hulk Hogan” storyline that would most likely do more harm than good.

    • What’s disrespectful? Hogan jumped ship on WWE one to many times, and you think he’s worth the money he made back in the day? Dude will turn to dust if he gets hit and he’s a liability now. Vince would never offer him tons of money now

    • Bulls***. It all comes down to money with Hogan, every single time. Don’t you think at some point WWE had decided they’d had enough? Hogan built the WWE back in the day. He’s a washed-up has-been that won’t draw like Brock or The Rock do. Just goes to show you that WWE would like to have him for a certain price, but they sure as hell don’t need him like TNA does. The sad thing is that all the money TNA is wasting on him will only aid in the sinking ship known as TNA… Laughable…

  2. His name carries a lot of history and respect in the wrestling business history. However he’s not worth the same as he once was. He wouldn’t take a 2.6 rating to 7.5. There’s only so much he’s able to do that fans haven’t seen him return and do so many times now. Plus if he’d require too much financially as well as demanding to be a bigger part of a major storyline, it may not be worth it. Especially if the WWE is trying to build new stars.

    • About all he can do now is appear for cheesy web hosting commercials – oh – and maybe a Rent-A-Center shoot or two…

  3. he cant wrestle anymore . what would he even do be a GM or have some lame interview show? i wish him the best but he needs to realize he is no longer the top guy . for him to think he deserves rock or brock money is a joke

    • Either way he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, n he’s gotta get paid any way he can. After what his C of a ex wife did to him in court taking all his money its like dam… guys needs a break. I watched the Doc. on him a few years ago talking about all his personal stuff, lesser men wouldn’t be here today, he was almost one of them.

    • Dimestore, even though I demoted you to Nickelstore… I have to fully agree with you on this. As I said further daown this long thread, Hogan needs to shutup and put it down.

  4. Well THAT sucks…I wanted Hogan to end the streak…now he’ll just end another company. F’n TNA…I hate that crap org.

  5. You guys are funny lol. I love you but you don’t get it. He’s a household name, like it or not. He can’t wrestle but he draws. He went on Jerry Lewis’s telethon years ago and he’s made one lousy movie after the next but like energizer Max he’s still going. His name brings in money. You are thinking like has been vs. up and comer status but he’s a superstar. Let me explain it like this though you may not get it. Have you heard of Elvis? When he came to the last few years of his life he wasn’t the same but people still flocked to see him. When he died people mourned him,bought his music, and they
    even tried to claim he was still alive. It didn’t matter how he looked in the jumpsuit or if he could preform anymore he was is and always will be a star. He’s a made man. That’s instant money and that’s Hogan.

  6. TNA never learns from it mistakes.Hogan will now make the most money even though the man can’t wrestle anymore.The best thing would be for TNA to go out of business.We need a new company with new ideas

  7. Hogans not getting paid what he expected because he didn’t do anything to improve TNA. Everything he did backfired. That’s why TNA didn’t give him such a fat check and WWE wasn’t going to bother with him too much.
    Dixie decided to give Hogan a second chance. Was that in the best interest of TNA? Absolutely not. But they can still use him in some capacity. Certainly not as a top-exec, but maybe a road agent, manager; something of a lessor capacity.
    He is still a legend, so they can still benefit from his presence. He still has fans, although not to the same extent. His star power is still worth something. They just have to figure out how to use it to their advantage.

  8. Hogan should be brought into WM30 as a guest announcer … let him go for the first match then the second unless he hits a hiccup. Then he can do an interference out of nowhere if some injustice occurs during a match, but not get sucked into a whole match. That would be cool. Hulkster needs to look for long term sustainability and not the biggest payoff. Hogan would be huge for the WWE Network as a personality, but, no, he can’t be paid $500k, per match, no.

      • No. It comes from the word that Vince is spending over budget for WM30, this is HIS celebration as much as he’s trying to use it to promote the network. He’s got ideas to bring alot of the old guys back for one night. I personally would like to see Piper clock Hogan, that would be my night.

        • Okay, Captainsuck… you really come across as a wanna-be promoter/announcer. You’d fail like my next set of feces to squirt out of my ass. Look, why would you put Hogan in place as a guest announcer to interfere in a match with NO LONG TERM STORYLINE to come??? That would do nothing but just piss a whole lot of people off…

          • Isnt’ that what most of the current storylines in WWE have been, short tern with no goddamned direction? Pleaaze!


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