Why NWA, WCW & UWF TV Aren’t On The WWE Network

Source: Pwinsider.com

Many fans have been wondering why NWA, WCW and UWF TV (Mid-South) TV has not been added to the WWE Network at this time. There are a few reasons why they haven’t been added.

* The first thing is that all of the material that WWE has digitized has to be cleaned up.

* Once that is done, WWE legal has to check the footage to make sure there are no issues with music rights.

* Then the footage is sent for any additional editing as well as the footage being closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

* Once all of that is done, the footage is then uploaded to the data base that houses the footage for the network.

Also keep in mind that WWE will never upload “everything at once” on the Network. They will constantly cycle through the footage and what is available.

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  • Dan Iacovelli

    the stupid music rights is whats going be the trouble and the old shows won’t be the same because they have to change some stuff