Why Officials Are Excited About WWE’s New Divas TV Show

– WWE’s new Total Divas reality TV show has a lot of company officials excited because they feel it’s going to open doors for people to see a different product from the WWE brand, besides pro wrestling.

People within WWE have seen the first two episodes and note that good storylines will be featured on the show. One has to do with new girls coming in, one has to do with WrestleMania drama and the other has to do with the Divas managing romance and life on the road.

The show is being billed as a reality TV show but all scenarios will be scripted.

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Source: PWInsider

  • delrvich

    Too many “open doors” equals overexposure, one of the biggest problems with pro-wrestling resulting in loss of kayfabe, and should quickly wear thin. Remember when WWE and WCW pro-wrestling was on Mon-Wed-Thu-Sat (2x)-Sun?