Why Officials Were Unhappy at Survivor Series, Cena Update, More

– In a correction from earlier, John Cena will be appearing on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show tonight at 8pm EST, not Your World on the FOX News Channel.

– There was said to be lots of negative chatter among fans leaving the Survivor Series pay-per-view in Boston last night.

– Word from backstage at Survivor Series is that at the 90-minute mark of the show, when the only thing trending worldwide was Bret Hart, a lot of people were unhappy internally. Other officials were not in a good over WWE’s inability to get stuff to trend past the American Music Awards and the big NFL game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

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Source: F4Wonline.com

  • The huntress in the night

    A better card might have helped.. say if they had left the belt on Bryan.

  • Jeff Wilson

    It was a little interesting that during the main event title match between Big Show and Orton…not only was the audience so quiet that even the announcers were toning down their voices…but during at least one time during the match…the crowd started yelling out…boring…boring.

    What that proves to me at least is..the fans are getting tired of the same people winning the titles. It seems it’s the “triplets” always in title matches…Cena, Orton, Del Rio.

    When will the WWE start giving younger upcoming talent a chance at the title? Or for that matter…some of the veterans that have either not held the title..or held the title..but for maybe 36 hours before the triplets of Del Rio, Orton, or Cena takes it away from them.

    This “Best for Business” baloney is starting to get old and worn out.

    • Ozzy TYSON

      There are guys the FANS really like who WWE will give an obligatory title run to just to appease their audience – Eddie Guerroro. Chris Benoit. The Miz. Dolph Ziggler. Daniel Bryan. Mark Henry. Rey Mysterio. Other than that, yeah – Same ol’ song & dance.

      • Negatist

        Ah – nobody wants to see The Miz as any kind of champion. He’s a nuisance. Dolph Ziggler should have had that world title MUCH longer than he did – that whole incident actually pissed me off. Ziggler is a top performer with multiple attributes to make it as a top talent in the business, and they just scoffed that opportunity away from him like it was nobody’s business.

        • Ozzy TYSON

          Never said a lot of fans liked the Miz as champ. But he is on the list of short-tenured or one-timer belt-holders. Agree with you on Ziggler. They need to boost his character just a tad and put him back in the title picture.

    • Rene Ramirez

      Finally theres someone that sees throw the smoke but you call them the triplets, you forgot to include big mama HHH/Steph I call them the huggers, becouse the hug all the spottlight

    • Negatist

      I have to really agree with you on this. Punk/Bryan/Ziggler/Shield/Sandow/Wyatts… those are the guys that these shows should be building up on. To hell with Big Show… he’s done just about every character he can.. he’s stale any way they turn him… Cena needs to go heel, and Orton needs time off.

  • Mitchell Nance

    Continually chasing those immediate results is why WWE can’t come close to repeating their past successes.

  • themans

    I agree with every comment here. Its really sad that their mentality is like this “they were unhappy internally” Over twitter? Its professional wrestling.. Their really pathetic. They really do not understand their audience in the slightest. Peoples patience will eventually run out.. Especially with this thing they seem to be so obsessed with “twitter” apparently its part of this thing called the “internet” and these WWE people don’t seem to understand that the FANS are more in control now because of the internet then they ever were, and its harder and harder to “control” them. I’m frankly surprised it hasn’t happened yet, but i foresee a point in the future, maybe at a live raw, where the audience gets fed up with something, they go too far, and its at the point that even further than the BORING chants, etc, some event like 75% of the audience just walking out or some such thing will take place and thats the only way I really see these incredibly out of touch “higher ups” doing anything to actually increase the quality of their work

    • Negatist

      Here’s what I really believe, in all my years (30 of them) watching WWE. I think Vince truly wants to make the fans happy, but he wants to make them happy by doing what HE wants to do. He has this almost perverted desire to control the fans and give them what he wants to give them. I think this is especially the case nowadays with the way the business is. WWE internally has initiatives in pushing who they want, and believe what they feel is best for business; but then again… think of those polls they put out. Three choices?! GIMME A BREAK! If you REALLY want to give the WWE universe what it wants, you open the door COMPLETELY – with say 5 or even 10 choices! WWE will continue to operate under the notion that they can control the audience and frost them into giving them what they think they want.