Why RAW Won’t Be Going Back to Two Hours, New Titles for WWE DVD’s


– WrestlingDVDNews.com reports that the new title for WWE’s Triple H DVD and Blu-ray that comes out later this year is, “WWE: Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come.”

The new title for Bill Goldberg’s DVD set is, “WWE: Goldberg – The Ultimate Collection.”

– There are currently no plans for WWE to bring RAW back to two hours each week. WWE officials like the extra money they’re making each week and they are looking at more hours of TV and more rights fees each week. That’s where WWE is focused on growing their business right now – not live events or pay-per-views but TV and rights fees.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com


      • Disc 1

        Goldberg – The Ultimate Collection

        Disc 2

        1. vs. Hugh Morrus (First match on Nitro)

        2. vs. Barbarian (Second match on Nitro)

        3. vs. Wrath (Nitro)

        4. vs. Mongo (Starrcade 1997)

        5. vs. Steven Regal (Nitro, Feb. 98)

        6. vs. Saturn (Spring Stampede 98)

        7. vs. Raven (U.S. Title match, Nitro after Spring Stampede 98)

        8. vs. Saturn (U.S. Title match, Slamboree 98)

        9. vs. Scott Hall (U.S. Title match, Nitro, July 98)

        10. vs. Hogan (World Title match, Nitro, July 98)

        11. vs. Curt Hennig (World Title match, Bash at the Beach ’98)

        12. vs. Team nWo Hollywood vs. Team Wolfpack (Battle Royal, Road Wild ’98)

        13. vs. Sting (World Title match, Nitro after Fall Brawl 98)

        14. vs. DDP (World Title match, Halloween Havoc 98)

        15. vs. Kevin Nash (World Title match, Starrcade 98)

        Disc 3

        1. vs. Scott Hall (Ladder match, Souled Out 99)

        2. vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (Superbrawl IX)

        3. vs. Ric Flair (Nitro, March 99)

        4. vs. Kevin Nash (Spring Stampede 99)

        5. vs. Sid Vicious (Halloween Havoc 99)

        6. vs. Bret Hart (Starrcade 99)

        7. vs. Scott Steiner (Fall Brawl 2000)

        8. vs. Lex Luger (Mayhem 2000)

        9. w/ Sarge vs. Totally Buff (Sin 2001)

        10. vs. The Rock (Backlash 2003)

        11. vs. Triple H vs. Orton vs. Nash vs. Jericho vs. HBK (World Title match, Summerslam 03)

        12. vs. Triple H (World Title match, Unforgiven 03)

        13. vs. Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania XX)

        Blu-ray Exclusives

        1. First Nitro interview (June 98)

        2. vs. Giant (November 98)

        3. I’m Back! (July 99)

        4. vs. Chris Jericho (Bad Blood 03)

        5. vs. Triple H (Survivor Series 03)

        • lmao theres no room for goldberg marks here, he doesnt care about wrestling you shouldnt care about him. all those matches sucked or didnt cause goldberg was carried

      • oh ok…2 and a half years….and its just gonna be 4 mins long u know it cover every match he ever had lol

  1. There are no plans for the WWE to bring Raw back to two hours because they like the extra money they’re making. Hmmmm what a crazy reason to keep things as it but what’s worse is explaining the obvious.


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