Why Triple H Is Pushing The Wyatts, Indy Stars Set for Tryouts, Attendance


– The WWE live event on August 11th in Oakland, California drew 4,500 fans for $200,000.

– Word is that Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Midwest indy wrestler Prince Mustafa Ali will be attending the WWE tryout camp at the end of this month.

– The Wyatt Family is a major Triple H project right now and the feeling is that they’re getting ready for a big push, in a sense they’re being groomed for The Shield’s spot. There is a lot of talk about The Shield being moved down. With recent Triple H projects like Kharma and Sin Cara bombing, he’s likely going to go hard with The Wyatts.

Future Plans for The Wyatts Revealed, Busty New Maryse, More….

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Kharma got pregant thats the only reason she is not in the wwe destroying the Divas division. Sin Cara is a victim of wwe not understanding the lucha libre culture. The guy has talent a world over but constantly getting destroyed by Curtis Axel, Alberto Del Rio, and Jack Swagger or Cesaro aint going to help him gain any traction. Thats why wwe should have never gotten rid of the cruiserweight title and division. Sin Cara, Kingston, Bourne,Gabriel, Primo&Epico, Hunico&Camacho, Neville, Grey, Kidd, Usos, and Yoshi Tatsu would be a good way to start. Dont forget El Local either.

    • I think the Uso’s should be off that list..everybody else is enough for smackdown to be a viable #2 brand…that and the constant build of the tag team division…they def dropped the ball disbanding the division

    • Kharma that is her own damn fault so if and she wasn’t a orginal Diva they would have found a way to beat her. They always will. Somehow they probably would have tried to get ODB or someone else.

      Sin Cara is no Victim he just sucks. He cant hit his cues, He is always injured, he might be good in a human Circus.

      As far as Cruiserweight that was a terrible title, Gabriel, Kingston, Kidd could make a run at a Mid card to win the IC or United states and only Kofi could win the big title but the tag titles are always a Primo&Epico, Hunico&Camacho, Neville, Grey, Usos, Yoshi Tatsu, and whoever teams with Evan Bourne to make the tag team div even more exciting, Bourne would be with Tatsu or Neville which would be perfect.
      Sin cara has no right to be in the WWE. Cruiserweights proved that they are great look at Jericho, Eddie, Beniot, among other.

  2. Ambrose Should be in the wwe title picture hopefully this fall. Rollins and Reigns should focus on the tag, and ic titles. Glad Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are trying out. They belong in the wwe. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Kazarian, Styles, Joe, Lethal, Magnus, Crimson, Morgan, Storm, and Gunner should make the jump as well in my opinion.

    • No they shouldn’t they need to stay in TNA and Crimson Morgan can do what ever they want. But WWE has a full group of superstars If you get too many Stars you rock the boat. Plus they just opened a have territory still. Rising staring looking to make the big jump and what better to have RAW, SMACKDOWN, IMPACT. If they stay there they get a better chance then at a WWE.

  3. The American Wolves could be a shot of adrenaline in WWE’s tag division. I seriously doubt Davey would stay there long though. His style is too intense for WWE.

  4. Sin Cara if given the proper feud and direction could be big. He was in a tag team with Mysterio until Mysterio’s knees gave out. He could be wrestling kingston, bourne, hunico, camacho, gabriel, kidd, or epico and primo. Cruiserweight title was a great idea. Would be a great way to open up the show. But the US and IC cahmpionships should be built back up before the Cruiserweight title is brought back.


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