Why Was Triple H Visibly Upset During Monday’s RAW Segment?


– Triple H reportedly “blew a gasket” towards the end of Monday’s RAW in the main event segment with Big Show. When The Shield came out and RAW went to commercial, Triple H was visibly upset and was seen dropping a “f-bomb” before grabbing a headset and arguing with whoever was on the other end.

It turns out that the segment was going long and someone in the back, either Kevin Dunn or Vince McMahon, sent out The Shield as a cue for commercial. Triple H was upset because they cut before Big Show could be told he was indeed getting a WWE Title shot. RAW ended up going 5 or 6 minutes long and that’s because this segment had problems.

Report on HHH Fixing Backstage Problems, More on Reigns Plans, Undertaker’s Return

Source: PWInsider

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      • nooo he’s stating that Vince is the man and despite what HHH is being told by Steph about “taking over” as long as he’s above ground Vince makes EVERYBODY his proverbial “b****”

        • I know what he means but this proverbial b**** idea is ridiculous and makes no sense to find delight in the perception that somehow HHH is getting a RAW deal, when in fact, he is having his cake and eating it.

          • We can all assume but we don’t necessarily know that..hell his corporate minions are being canned…according to reports…besides end of the day Vince IS the end all be all..It’s just an explicit figure of speech…IDFK man it’s a forum, ppl say things…

          • Is he having his cake and eating it? How do you know he’s not being force fed and stuffed, or underfed and clawing for more? You can look at a person eating cake and say, ‘there’s a person eating cake’… but what do you know of the feelings surrounding it? The actuality of power amongst it? This takes more than seeing someone with a title.

          • Yes he is. He is VP of talent and live events. Someone who reports to him was replaced, that’s not a big deal (unless you’re the one being replaced!). He doesn’t make the decision about when to go to commercial so he was not undermined. He got momentarily upset at a perceived mistake, sort of like a fan gets upset when a player doesn’t make what seems to be the obvious play in a game, though not as serious because going to commercial was not a game changing mistake.

        • HHH can be the boss once he buys Vince out and starts signing the checks. I’ve heard stuff about a lot of people but not one time have I ever heard that Vince went without paying someone and until he does then he’s the boss and anyone that doesn’t like. well? Five minutes can equal millions of dollars just ask the people that do the Super Bowl commercial spots and they only get 30 seconds til two minutes at best.


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